Thursday, 7 September 2017

COLORS TRADE क्या है और इससे कैसे ढेर सारा पैसा कमाए || Plan and Reviews - Legal or Scam

COLORS TRADE SERVICES is Ludhiana based company which has recently started a unique concept via MLM (Multi Level Marketing) using that we can Earn Money from our Android phone up to 100000 Lakh and more per month.


SPONSOR ID : 9499876* 

*Power Position: Right

What ColorsTrade Management, Founders, Directors Mission?

It is India's fastest growing MLM company which provides you a remarkable opportunity for your bright and safe future. ColorsTrade team is full of dedication and committed with professional experience in Network Marketing. Our mission is to provide a part time job to every individual, retired, student, House wife via Android Application to earn some handsome income only spending 30-45 Minutes task in a day.

ColorsTrade Plan to Earn Money :

The Earning plan is very unique not only in India even in the world which you can Join FREE & PAID with Rs. 999 Only.

  • Join Free ColorsTrade (If want to Start Big Earning Upgrade Plan with Rs. 999)
  • You will get the task into the Panel which values Rs. 250 Weekly.
  • Work will be like App download, Video ads watching etc 
  • Amount Rs. 250 will be given to you for 52 weeks (Working). So total Amount you can earn 250*52 = 13000 ( Thirteen Thousand)
  • ID is blocked per Android phone. It means you can use one ID at ONE ANDROID PHONE.

Colors Trade Compensation Plan:

  •  Binary 1:1 = 10% (Binary Capping Rs. 50,000 / Week)
  • Direct Binary = 50% Every Week of every Direct Persons Binary Income without any capping.
    • I am a Person A and B & C Joined me directly with my sponsor ID.
    • Let's assume B & C receives their Binary Income 500 & 1000 respectively
    • As per Direct Binary rule, Person A also receives 50% of their binary which will be 250+500 = 750 INR.
    • Binary and Direct Income will be paid against upgraded Plan i.e. 999

Reward & Awards :

Rewards are on Working pairs either Free or Paid entries.

Working Pairs Amount Duration
50 Working Pairs Rs. 4000/- Per Month for 12 Months
250 Working Pairs Rs. 10,000/- Per Month for 12 Months
750 Working Pairs Rs. 40,000/- Per Month For 12 Months
2500 Working Pairs Rs.1,00,000/- Per Month for 12 Months

If you achieve 2500 working pairs before 31st Dec 2017 You will get Luxury Diesel Car* Finance on your name, installments will be paid by company       




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